Number Title Codes Cross-listings
PHIL89S First-Year Seminar
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy W, CZ
PHIL103S Introduction to Philosophy W, CZ
PHIL104S Introduction to Philosophy W, EI, CZ
PHIL110 Information, Society & Culture: Bass Connections Gateway STS, CZ ISIS 110, COMPSCI 110, PUBPOL 110
PHIL116 World Philosophy SS, EI, CZ, CCI
PHIL123FS Freedom and Responsibility W, SS, EI POLSCI 175FS, Ethics Courses Offered Through Other Departments
PHIL150 Logic CZ
PHIL155 Reason and Argument W
PHIL163D Ethics for Robertson Scholars EI, CZ
PHIL190A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Philosophy
PHIL190FS Focus Program Seminar: Topics in Philosophy
PHIL194FS Beyond Disagreement and Cozy Consensus EI, CZ, CCI ETHICS 194FS
PHIL195FS The Human Enhancement Project: Ethical Issues in Genomics STS, EI, CZ
PHIL197FS Evolution and Human Nature EI, CZ
PHIL198FS Puzzles of the Mind: Humans, Animals, and Machines CZ
PHIL201 History of Modern Philosophy CZ, CCI
PHIL202 Aesthetics: The Philosophy of Art CZ, ALP VMS 299
PHIL203 History of Ancient Philosophy CZ, CCI CLST 271
PHIL204 Foundations of Scientific Reasoning STS, CZ ISIS
PHIL206 Philosophy of Law EI, CZ ETHICS
PHIL207 Political and Social Philosophy EI, CZ ETHICS
PHIL208 Introduction to the Evolution of Human Culture, Behavior, and Institutions SS, CCI, NS EVANTH 280
PHIL209 Philosophy of Language CZ LINGUIST 209
PHIL210 Knowledge and Certainty CZ, R ISIS
PHIL211 Appearance and Reality CZ, R
PHIL212 Philosophy of Mind CZ, R LINGUIST 208, VMS 302, ISIS
PHIL215 Applied and Environmental Ethics STS, EI, CZ ETHICS 265, Marine Science and Conservation
PHIL216 Problems in Ethical Theory EI, CZ
PHIL217 Ancient and Modern Ethical Theory EI, CZ, CCI ETHICS
PHIL218 Philosophical Issues in Medical Ethics STS, EI, CZ ETHICS, GENOME
PHIL221S Philosophy and Literature EI, CZ, CCI, ALP
PHIL222 Gender and Philosophy EI, CZ WOMENST 222
PHIL222S Gender and Philosophy WOMENST 222S
PHIL224 Philosophy of Education EI, CZ, CCI
PHIL225 Philosophy of Music CZ
PHIL226 Philosophy of Sport EI, CZ
PHIL229 Issues in the History of Philosophy CZ
PHIL230 Philosophy of Religion EI, CZ, R
PHIL232A The Cognitive Science of Religion and Morality W, EI, CZ, R ICS 224A, RELIGION 281A, TURKISH 232A
PHIL234 Existentialism EI, CZ, CCI
PHIL236A The Birth of Reason in Ancient Greece EI, CZ, CCI CLST 272A
PHIL237A Political Philosophy of Globalization SS, EI, CZ, CCI POLSCI 297A , PUBPOL 204A , ECON 303A
PHIL242 Problems in Philosophy of Science STS, CZ
PHIL246 Prisoner's Dilemma and Distributive Justice SS, EI POLSCI 331 , ECON 361 , ISIS, Ethics Courses Offered Through Other Departments
PHIL250 Symbolic Logic CZ LINGUIST 250, ISIS
PHIL252 Philosophy and Neuroscience SS NEUROSCI 252
PHIL262 Human Rights in Theory and Practice SS, EI, CZ, CCI POLSCI 272, PUBPOL 231, ICS 272, GLHLTH, DOCST, Ethics Courses Offered Through Other Departments
PHIL263 Chinese Philosophy EI, CZ, CCI ETHICS
PHIL270 Business Ethics: The Debate Over Corporate Social Responsibility SS, EI ETHICS 270 , ISC 271 , MMS
PHIL274S Feminist Classics CCI, ALP LIT 365S , WOMENST 365S , ENGLISH 388S
PHIL281 Global Bioethics EI, CZ GLHLTH 241 , ICS 282
PHIL282 Science, Ethics, & Democracy STS, SS, EI BIOETHIC 282
PHIL283 The Existentialist Imagination EI, CZ, ALP GERMAN 385 , LIT 242
PHIL283D The Existentialist Imagination EI, CZ, ALP GERMAN 385D , LIT 242D
PHIL285 Existentialism EI, CCI, ALP LIT 285
PHIL286 Marx, Nietzsche, Freud SS, CZ, CCI GERMAN 380 , LIT 280 , POLSCI 378, Marxism and Society
PHIL286D Marx, Nietzsche, Freud SS, EI, CZ, CCI GERMAN 380D, LIT 280D , POLSCI 378D
PHIL290 Special Topics in Philosophy
PHIL290S Seminars in Philosophy
PHIL291 Fall Independent Study
PHIL293 Research Independent Study R
PHIL310 Information and Philosophy: Personal Identity, Knowledge, Ethics STS, SS, EI, CZ ISIS 310
PHIL313S Philosophy of Mathematics CZ
PHIL314 Philosophy of Biology STS, CZ, NS, R BIOLOGY 255 , GENOME, Marine Science and Conservation
PHIL316 Happiness and Freedom EI, CZ
PHIL317 Aristotle EI, CZ CLST 371
PHIL331 Kant EI, CZ
PHIL333 American Philosophy EI, CZ
PHIL338 Analytic Philosophy in the Twentieth Century CZ, R
PHIL345 The Philosophy and Methodology of Economics W, SS, EI ECON 319
PHIL350 Logic and Its Applications MATH 388 , COMPSCI 288
PHIL353 Neuroethics STS, SS, EI, NS NEUROSCI 267 , PSY 278 , ETHICS 269
PHIL380S The Scientific Revolution W, STS, CZ HISTORY 388S
PHIL384AS Classical and Contemporary Political Theory SS, EI POLSCI 377S
PHIL385AS Science, Ethics, and Society EI, CZ RELIGION 282AS , PUBPOL 258S
PHIL390A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Philosophy
PHIL411 Philosophy of Time & Space CZ
PHIL447 Philosophical and Conceptual Problems of Entrepreneurship SS ECON 346 , I&E 447
PHIL463S Eastern & Western Conceptions of Human Nature, Ethics, & Politics SS, EI, CZ, CCI
PHIL465 Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Capstone SS, R POLSCI 449 , ECON 389
PHIL486S Ordinary Language Philosophy ALP LIT 486S , ENGLISH 485S
PHIL490S Seminars in Philosophy
PHIL495S Distinction Seminar Program
PHIL502S Comparative Ethics EI, CZ, CCI
PHIL503S Contemporary Ethical Theories SS, EI, CZ POLSCI 582S, WOMENST
PHIL506S Responsibility EI, CZ
PHIL508S Political Values EI, CZ
PHIL510S Adversarial Ethics SS, EI POLSCI 585S
PHIL511S Plato CZ CLST 572S
PHIL512S Aristotle CZ CLST 573S
PHIL522S Visual Perception and the Brain W, NS NEUROSCI 522S, NEUROBIO 522S, PSY 687S
PHIL536S Hegel's Political Philosophy SS, EI, R POLSCI 676S , GERMAN 575S
PHIL537S Nietzsche's Political Philosophy SS, EI, CZ POLSCI 577S , GERMAN 576S
PHIL538S Problems in the Philosophy and Policy of Genomics W, STS, CZ, R ISIS 310
PHIL539S Race Theory: Biological Classification and Moral Implications EI, CZ AAAS 580S
PHIL541S Historical and Philosophical Perspectives on Science STS, CZ LIT 521S , WOMENST 541S , HISTORY 577S , GENOME
PHIL551S Epistemology CZ, R
PHIL552S Metaphysics CZ, R
PHIL555S Topics in Philosophy of Mind STS, CZ, R NEUROSCI 555S
PHIL559 The Biological Basis of Music NEUROBIO 559 , PSY 580
PHIL566S Topics in Early Modern Political Thought from Machiavelli to Mills SS, CCI, R POLSCI 579S
PHIL570 Body Works: Medicine, Technology, and the Body in Early Twenty-First Century America STS, CCI, ALP ISIS 670 , LIT 623, GENOME
PHIL571 Ancient Political Philosophy POLSCI 575S, CLST 571S
PHIL573S Heidegger SS, EI, CZ POLSCI 581S
PHIL584S Modern Political Theory SS, EI, CCI POLSCI 584S , ETHICS
PHIL590 Special Topics in Philosophy Lecture
PHIL590S Special Fields of Philosophy Seminar (Topics)
PHIL618S Medieval Philosophy CZ, CCI, R MEDREN 669S
PHIL625S British Empiricism CZ
PHIL627S Continental Rationalism
PHIL628S Recent and Contemporary Philosophy CZ LINGUIST 528S
PHIL629S Topics in the History of Philosophy CZ
PHIL631S Kant's Critique of Pure Reason CZ
PHIL633S Methodology of the Empirical Sciences STS, CZ
PHIL634S Problems in the Philosophy of Biology STS, NS BIOLOGY 555S
PHIL640S Philosophical Psychology CZ
PHIL650S Topics in Formal Philosophy
PHIL681S Wittgensteinian Perspectives on Literary Theory ALP LIT 681S , ENGLISH 582S
PHIL692S Bioethics EI
PHIL693S Causation
PHIL701S Seminar in Special Fields of Philosophy
PHIL702S ProSeminar in Metaphysics and Epistemology
PHIL711 Philosophy and Medicine
PHIL717S The Evolution of Bioethics in the 20th Century
PHIL753S Principles in Cognitive Neuroscience I PSY 759S, NEUROBIO 759S
PHIL754S Principles in Cognitive Neuroscience II PSY 760S , NEUROBIO 760S
PHIL785S Philosophy of Biology
PHIL790S Seminar in Special Fields of Philosophy
PHIL795S Seminar in Teaching Philosophy
PHIL796S Work in Progress Seminar
PHIL797S Dissertation Seminar
PHIL798S Philosophical Interlocution
PHIL863S Eastern & Western Conceptions of Human Nature, Ethics, & Politics
PHIL947S Philosophy and Literature LIT 882S
PHIL950S Neurophilosophy PSY 950S
PHIL951S Free Will and Moral Responsibility in Light of Philosophy & Neuroscience