Future Research Statement & Oral Examination

Future Research Statement

In the spring of the second year, you must submit a short Future Research Statement (FRS) that proposes a course of research for the summer and that includes a bibliography that will guide that research. The FRS is to be no more than 5 pages, excluding the bibliography, and is to be submitted to an FRS committee that is composed of three faculty. You are welcome to submit drafts of the FRS and bibliography to anyone on your FRS committee.

Oral Examination

In the fall of the third year, you will undergo an oral examination by the FRS committee on the results of the research proposed in the FRS. It is assumed that both your understanding of the area of research reflected in the FRS and your research interests will have evolved due to summer research. Also, it is natural for research interests to shift after the completion of the FRS requirement, and there is no presumption that the FRS advisor or committee will be included in later preliminary and dissertation committees.

However, it is advised that you undertake a directed readings course sometime during the third year that focuses on your area of specialization and involves work on the dissertation proposal, to be defended in the preliminary examination.