Dr. Weese graduates!
Dr. Tara Weese, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Political Science at Central Connecticut State University.

Our Department has an excellent placement record. Since 1996, over 70% of graduates have continued on to tenure-track academic positions. The vibrancy of the Department’s philosophical culture (as shown, for instance, by its active colloquium series), its strength in a broad range of areas of philosophy, and the outstanding reputation of its faculty combine to attract some of the nation’s most talented graduate students.

We are very pleased with our recent placement record. It is organized below by the year the Ph.D. was earned, beginning with the most recent year. Next to each graduate is the name of their institution and dissertation title.




2023 - Year of Graduation
Tara Weese Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Political Science (TT), Central Connecticut State University Conceptions of Victimhood: Legal, Political, and Psychological Dimensions
2022 - Year of Graduation
Qiu Lin Assistant Professor of Philosophy (TT), Simon Fraser University Three Essays about Problems of Space in the Early Modern Period
Robert Bingle Learning and Development Specialist at the Trenton Corporation Anger Eliminativism: Stoic and Buddhist Perspectives
Kobi Finestone Postdoctoral Research  Fellow, Chapman University, Smith Institute for Political Economy and Philosophy Making Models Work
Angela Bischof Instructor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Animals as Moral Agents
2021 - Year of Graduation
Hannah Read Postdoctoral Fellow, Wake Forest University Empathy for Opponents: A Cognitive, Emotional, and Institutional Approach to Moral Conflict
Valerie Soon Assistant Professor of Political Science (TT), University of California, San Diego The Problem of Sorting: A Dilemma between Freedom of Association and Social Justice
Hannah Bondurant   How to Inform and Transform Oneself
Erick Sam Associate Professor of Law (TT), University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law The Right of Exit: Emigration, Secession and the Structure of International Taxation
2020 - Year of Graduation
Songyao Ren Assistant Professor (TT), University of Texas at Dallas Dispassion and the Good Life: A Study of Stoicism and Zhuangism
Joseph Nelson   A Defense of Basic Hedonism
Tim Burkhardt University of Colorado Boulder Death is Nothing! A Defense of Epicureanism
Heather Wallace Founder, Writing is Thinking The Other's Freedom: Existential Vulnerability in the Philosophy of Simone de Bouvier
2019 - Year of Graduation
Ewan Kingston Assistant Professor (TT), College of Charleston Bad Goods: On the Political Morality of Production and Consumption in Global Supply Chains
Bryce Gessell Assistant Professor of Philosophy (TT), Southern Virginia University Materia Mentis: How the Brain Sculpts the Mind
Max Beninger Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Salzburg The Mental Workspace: Working Memory and Its Relation to Attention and Consciousness
Matthew Harris   Continents in Cognition
Lauren Bunch Assistant Professor of Bioethics and Professionalism (TT), Mercer University School of Medicine Authenticity and Enhancement

Paul Henne

Assistant Professor (TT), Lake Forest College Omissions, Causation, and Modality
Sungwoo Um 

Assistant Professor (TT), Seoul National University

The Virtues of Intimate Relationships
2018 - Year of Graduation
Rafael Ventura Senior Consultant, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Evolutionary Models of Language

Lok Chan Engineer at Curi Deliberative Bayesianism: Abduction, Reflection, and the Weight of Evidence
2017 - Year of Graduation
Aaron Ancell

Assistant Professor (TT), Bentley University

Public Unreason: Essays on Political Disagreement
Jing Hu

Assistant Professor (TT), Concordia University (Montreal)

A New Perspective on Sympathy and Its Cultivation, with Insights from the Confucian Tradition
Susanne Meyer   Flavors of Responsibility
2015 - Year of Graduation
Aryn Conrad William D. Bowen, Associate On the Functions of Morality
Nathaniel Gindele Webpoint, Developer A Naturalistic Philosophy of Play 
James Ong Assistant Professor (TT), New York City College of Technology  Inhabiting Difference
Gordon Steenbergen Assistant Professor (TT), Lycoming College Understanding Cognition 
Daniel Stephens Assistant Professor of Humanities (TT), Duke Kunshan University (China) The Sage's Psychology: Confucianism Naturalized
2014 - Year of Graduation
David Barack Platt Labs, Research Associate Mindcraft: A Dynamical Systems Theory of Cognition
Carlos Mariscal Assistant Professor (Tenured), University of Nevada, Reno  Universal Biology
Stephen Martin Associate, Ballard Spahr Irresistible Reasons, Immovable Minds, and the Miracle of Rational Persuasion
2013 - Year of Graduation
Robert Williams   Peircean Naturalism
Nathan Morton Ontologist, Amazon Articulating the Core Realist Commitment
John Park Assistant Professor (TT), Oakland University Theories of Concepts and Ethics
2012 - Year of Graduation
Matthew Braddock Assistant Professor (TT), University of Tennessee at Martin Debunking Challenges to Moral Realism
David Crawford Visiting Fellow, National Cancer Institute Philosophy: Chance Begets Order: Hierachical Probabilistic Processes in the Natural Sciences; Biology: Hierarchical Transition Via Individuation, Not Integration: How the Filamentous Fungi Challenge the Standard Model
Leonore Fleming Associate Professor (Tenured), Utica College Variance, Selection and Evolutionary Explanation
Daniel Kraemer Adjunct Professor, Florida International University Making Sense of Normative Functions and Information in Neurobiological Systems
2011 - Year of Graduation
Sanem Soyarslan Assistant Professor (TT), NC State University Reason and Intuitive Knowledge in Spinoza's 'Ethics': Two Ways of Knowing, Two Ways of Living
Breanna Kerchner Visiting Assistant Professor - two year, Lafayette College in Easton, PA Humean Supervenience
2009 - Year of Graduation
Rachell Powell Associate Professor (Tenured), Boston University Reading the Book of Life: Contingency and Convergence in Macroevolution
Andres Luco Instructor, Auburn University Desire and the Rationality of Virtue
2008 - Year of Graduation
Hagop Sarkissian Professor (Tenured), Baruch College and the Gradate Center, CUNY After Confucius: Psychology and Moral Power
Sahar Akhtar Associate Teaching Professor, Georgetown University Topics in Rational Choice
Sun Kyeong Yu Associate Professor (Tenured), Minnesota State, Mankato Reducing Biology
Elizabeth Jelinek Associate Professor & Chair, Christopher Newport University Platonic Teleology Through An Aristotelian Lens
2007 - Year of Graduation
Woojin Han Associate Professor (TT), Duksung Women's University  A Construction of A Posteriori Physicalism
David Kaplan Assistant Professor (TT), Monash University The Nature and Bases of Spatial Representation
Grant Ramsey BOFZAP Research Professor, Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven, Belgium Culture from Infrahumans to Humans: An Essay in the Philosophy of Biology
2006 - Year of Graduation
Kevin DeLapp Harold Fleming Chair of Philosophy, Converse College Re-enchanting Morality: A Defense of Pluralistic Moral Realism
Nita Farahany Professor of Law and of Philosophy, Duke University Rediscovering Criminal Responsibility through Behavioral Genetics
2005 - Year of Graduation
Robert Conrad Software Application Developer and System Administrator, Sandia National Laboratories Conceptual Structures of Moral Experience in Cross-Cultural Comparative Analysis
Caery Evangelist Associate Professor (Tenured), University of Portland Medieval Intelligibility: The Relationship Between Mind, World and Transcendental Truth in the Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas
Avram Hiller Associate Professor (Tenured), Portland State University Vagueness and Normativity
Marion Hourdequin Professor (Tenured), Colorado College Nature and Normativity: Biology, Culture, and the Evolution of Ethical Norms
Stefan Linquist Associate Professor (Tenured), University of Guelph, Canada The Descent of Mind: An Evolutionary Account of the Higher Cognitive Emotions
Joel Schickel Data Scientist, CareSource Freedom of the Will, Passion, and Virtue in Descartes’s Theory of Judgment
Tamler Sommers Associate Professor (Tenured), University of Houston Beyond Freedom and Resentment: An Error Theory of Free Will and Moral Responsibility
Andrew Terjesen Attorney, McGuire Woods The Role of Sympathy and Empathy in Moral Judgment, with Special Reference to Adam Smith and David Hume
William Wojtach Content Developer, The Great Courses An Empirically Constrained Study of Visual Perception
Frédéric Bouchard Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Montreal, Canada Evolution, Fitness and the Struggle for Persistence
2003 - Year of Graduation
Boris Kukso Trial Attorney, US Department of Justice Trouble for Truthmakers: Negation and Possibility
Anthony Williams Assistant Professor (TT), College of Charleston Moral Conflict and Incommensurability
2002 - Year of Graduation
Alan Galloway Non-academic position Moral Perception
2001 - Year of Graduation
Todd Davis Non-academic position Science and the Constitutive a priori: Ian Hacking’s Philosophy of Science
Michael Muth Assistant Professor (TT), Wesleyan College The Augustinian Background of Bonaventure’s Doctrine of Order
Eddy Nahmias Professor of Philosophy, Georgia State University Free Will and the Knowledge Condition
Thomas Osborne

Assistant Professor (TT), University of St. Thomas

Professor (Tenured) of Philosophy & Chair, University of St. Thomas

The Natural Love of God Over Self: The Role of Self-Interest in Thirteenth-Century Ethics
Brook Sadler Associate Professor (Tenured) and and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies, University of South Florida Amoralism and the Justification of Morality
2000 - Year of Graduation
Steven Geisz Char & Associate Professor (Tenured), University of Tampa Speaking Wordly: An Adverbial View of Representation
James E. Mahon

Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities and Professor of Philosophy, Lehman College, CUNY

Motivational Internalism and the Authority of Morality
Thomas Polger Professor (Tenured), University of Cincinnati Natural Minds
Elizabeth Schiltz Professor (Tenured) & Department Chair of Philosophy,
College of Wooster
Sophrosune and Mania: The Rise and Study of Moral Psychology
1999 - Year of Graduation
Gokhan Adalier Professor of Business Administration, Eastern Mediterranean University
The Structure of Judgments and Knowledge in Plato’s Theaetetus
Carla Fehr Associate Professor, Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy, & 

Gender and Social Justice Advisor, University of Waterloo, Canada

A Natural History of the Evolution of Sexual Reproduction: The Virtues of Explanatory Pluralism
1998 - Year of Graduation
James Allman Non-academic position Language, Speakers, and Metaphor
1997 - Year of Graduation
Joseph U. Neisser

Assistant Professor (TT), Sam Houston State University

Associate Professor at Grinnell College in Iowa

The Embodied Approach to Cognition: A Defense
Glenn Sanford Professor, Sam Houston State University Explaining Evolution: Genes, Culture, Environment, and Mechanisms
1996 - Year of Graduation
Gillian Brock Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand  
Donald Scott Carson Associate Professor and Director of Studies, Honors Program in Philosophy, Ohio University Being and Truth: Elements of Aristotle’s Philosophy of Language
Jack Wilson Associate Professor (tenured), Washington and Lee University Living Entities: Identity and Persistence