Degree Options

Credential Requirements
Philosophy Major

10 philosophy courses, eight of which must be at the 200 level or above. Must include:

  1. Phil 203 and Phil 201 (history of ancient and modern philosophy)
  2. One course at the 200 level or above in value theory (such as ethics or political philosophy)
  3. One course at the 200 level or above in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, or philosophy of science
  4. One course in logic (Phil 150, Phil 250, or Phil 350)
  5. One seminar at the 500-600 level
Philosophy Minor

5 philosophy courses (no more than two below the 200 level). Select courses based on your interest.

Certificate in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

6 total courses:

  1. Required Gateway Course: Prisoners Dilemma and Distributed Justice (Econ 361, Phil 246, PoliSci 331)
  2. 4 Electives: two courses in one discipline (your "concentration" in the Certificate) and one in each of the remaining two PPE disciplines
  3. Required Senior Capstone seminar (Econ 386, Phil 465, PoliSci 449)