Philosophy Course Among New "Transformative Ideas" Offerings

instructor with students

A new program for Duke sophomores – which launches in Spring 2022 – will include a Philosophy course focused on happiness, success and our beliefs.

“The Good Life: Religion, Philosophy, and Life’s Ultimate Concerns” (PHIL 214) is part of the new “Transformative Ideas” program that is designed to promote open and civil cross-disciplinary dialogue on questions and big ideas that change lives, link cultures and shape societies around the world.

“The Good Life” – taught by instructors from Philosophy, Religious Studies, Duke Divinity, Classical Studies, and the Sanford School of Public Policy – examines how philosophical or religious traditions around the world have answered such questions as: What does it look like for a human life to go well? What leads to human flourishing or “happiness” or “success”? How do our beliefs (of lack thereof) about God or the gods shape our answers to life’s big questions?

The course is cross-listed with Classical Studies (CLST 210), Public Policy (PUBPOL 229), Religious Studies (RELIGION 210), and Ethics (ETHICS 210).

To learn more about the “Transformative Ideas” program and view other courses offered, visit the Trinity College website.