Departmental Newsletter: August 2023

Emily at Fudan

Emily Kluge attended Fudan University's philosophy summer school on early modern philosophy in Shanghai from August 5th to 16th. Guest professors from both China and abroad lectured on the moral and political philosophies of Machiavelli, Hobbes, Kant, Hume, Hanfeizi, and Lord Shang.

Asta, Kevin, and Dylan

Ásta, Kevin Richardson, and Dylan Brown each presented papers at Social Ontology 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden. Ásta also participated in the panel titled "Social Ontology: What is it? What do we want it to be?" The concluding dinner of the conference was held in the splendid Golden Hall, renowned for hosting the Nobel Prize Ball.

Nina Van Rooy

Nina Van Rooy will give a talk at the Deep South Philosophy and Neuroscience Workshop at Pensacola on 'Do Large Language Models Have Theory of Mind?'

Wa, Botian, and Ava

Last month, we welcomed Mabel Eva to the world. This month, we are welcoming Ava Liu. She is pictured here with her ecstatic parents, Botian and Wa. Additionally, Victor Crespo Santiago is celebrating his recent nuptials this month! Be sure to congratulate Botian and Victor when you see them around the department!

Ask Auntie Tayfun, Or Don’t:
The (Unsolicited™) Advice Column

Trustworthy Tayfun

I saw a dream where Sally asked me about where to find love. “Location, location, location”, as they say in the real estate industry—but unfortunately we live in Lovecraftian times where one has to construct the means to one’s own romantic salvation, rather than expect to merely find or be found by it. Fear not though. As Martha Nussbaum, my main source of soteriological wisdom concerning love, once put it: “No significant omen merely predicts a beef dinner.” (The Fragility of Goodness, p. 32). Keep checking those star signs. Your deliverance might be near.

Editor's Note: I don't know, you guys. I'm as lost as you are. 

If you have a question for Tayfun for the next newsletter, please send it to though you may get some advice even if you don't.