14th Feminist Theory Workshop 2021 Virtual Series


Speaker(s): Gayatri Gopinath
Registration Required. Go to https://gendersexualityfeminist.duke.edu/14th-feminist-theory-workshop

Since 2007, The Program in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at Duke University has hosted an annual Feminist Theory Workshop (FTW).
FTW 2021 will bring us together virtually on Feminist Theory Fridays - three Friday afternoons in March when scholars share their work. While Feminist Theory Workshop will look different this year, what remains unchanged is our commitment to featuring the scholarship of renowned feminist theorists, and our investment in ensuring that students, scholars, and activists around the world can access those lectures for free.

Third in the series is Gayatri Gopinath, Professor in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, and the Director of Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality at New York University

Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies


African and African American Studies (AAAS); Art, Art History & Visual Studies; Asian & Middle Eastern Studies (AMES); Classical Studies; Cultural Anthropology; Dance Program; English; Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI); German Studies; History; International Comparative Studies (ICS); Latino/a Studies; Literature; Music; Office of the Provost - Finance and Administration; Philosophy; Religious Studies; Romance Studies; Slavic and Eurasian Studies; Theater Studies

14th Feminist Theory Workshop 2021 Virtual Series


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