Doug Van Horne, B.A. 2010

Graduate Student, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Fairfield University

2010 Major: Philosophy and Psychology

How has being a Philosophy graduate from Duke helped shape you personally and/or professionally?

"The journey of majoring in Philosophy at Duke was personally very fulfilling as I willed myself to examine some of the greatest writings, concepts, and questions in human history. There is a reason that certain sources have stood the test of time, and as a Philosophy major you'll be able to engage with them. While it was challenging, I don't believe I could have made up for the experience later in life, as for example one can read sources offered by other departments and learn their material without the guidance of and discussion with the wonderful professors and students in the Philosophy department. Professionally, I believe Philosophy is the single most versatile major one can choose. It closes no doors and intrigues employers to open doors."

What advice would you give students in Duke's Philosophy programs? 

"Explore broadly and find a deeper focus later on. Enjoy reading and being challenged by the greats. Enjoy how the material and professors will teach you about your life, your views, and the human endeavor!"

Van Horne