Selected Works

The Heart of Human Rights
Allen Buchanan

This is the first attempt to provide an in-depth moral assessment of the heart of the modern human rights enterprise: the system of international legal human rights. It is international human rights... read more »

Integrating Development and Evolution
Roger Samson and Robert N. Brandon (editors)

The 20th century’s conceptual separation of the process of evolution (changes in a population as its members reproduce and die) from the process of development (changes in an organism over the course... read more »

Citizenship in Diverse Societies
Will Kymlicka and Wayne Norman (editors)

Citizenship and diversity have been two major topics of debate over the last decade. But these two topics have been largely discussed in mutual isolation. This book examines the specific points of... read more »

Theories of Federalism: A Reader
Dimitrios Karmis and Wayne Norman (editors)

This reader brings together the most significant writings on federalism from the 17th century to the present. Federalist theories have received short shrift in most texts and university courses on... read more »

Negotiating Nationalism: Nation-Building, Federalism, and Secession in the Multinational State, First Edition
Wayne Norman

In a world with at least three times as many nations as states, what are the limits of legitimate nation-building? How can national self-determination be coordinated within a federal system? This... read more »

Isaac Newton: Philosophical Writings
Andrew Janiak (editor)

Janiak examines Newton's philosophical positions and his relations to canonical figures in early modern philosophy through Newton's principal philosophical writings. This study includes excerpts from... read more »

Newton as Philosopher
Andrew Janiak

Newton's philosophical views are unique and uniquely difficult to categorize. In the course of a long career from the early 1670s until his death in 1727, he articulated profound responses to... read more »

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics: An Anthology
Jonathan Anomaly, Geoffrey Brennan, Michael C. Munger, and Geoffrey Sayre-McCord

The only book on the market to include classical and contemporary readings from key authors in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), the anthology provides a comprehensive overview of the... read more »

Three Views of Logic: Mathematics, Philosophy and Computer Science
Donald W. Loveland, Richard E. Hodel and S.G. Sterrett

The textbook arose from an interdisciplinary course taught at Duke by computer science professor emeritus Loveland, mathematics associate professor emeritus Hodel and former Duke philosophy professor... read more »

Formal Causes: Definition, Explanation, and Primacy in Socratic and Aristotelian Thought
Michael T. Ferejohn

Ferejohn, professor of philosophy and classical studies, presents an original interpretation of key themes in Aristotle's classic works. The principal historical thesis of this work is that Aristotle... read more »

Naturalizing Epistemic Virtue
Abrol Fairweather and Owen Flanagan (editors)

An epistemic virtue is a personal quality conducive to the discovery of truth, the avoidance of error, or some other intellectually valuable goal. Current work in epistemology is increasingly value-... read more »

Understanding Arguments: An Introduction to Informal Logic, Ninth Edition
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Robert Fogelin

Sinnott-Armstrong, professor of practical ethics in the Department of Philosophy and the Kenan Institute for Ethics, and his co-author show readers how to construct arguments in everyday life, using... read more »

Philosophy of Social Science, Fourth Edition
Alexander Rosenberg

In this fourth edition of his book, Rosenberg provides a tightly argued yet accessible introduction to the philosophical foundations of the human sciences, including economics, anthropology,... read more »

Interpreting Newton: Critical Essays
Andrew Janiak and Eric Schliesser (editors)

Janiak co-edited this 439-page collection of specially-commissioned essays by leading scholars presenting new new research on Isaac Newton and his main philosophical interlocutors and critics. The... read more »

Strings Attached: Untangling the Ethics of Incentives
Ruth Grant

Grant offers a history of the growth of incentives in early 20th-century America, identifies standards for judging incentives, and examines incentives in four areas – plea bargaining, recruiting... read more »

Andrew Janiak

This book is an evocative intellectual history of the life and ideas of Isaac Newton the natural philosopher, covering his influential thoughts about philosophical problems, our knowledge of nature,... read more »