HPSTM People

Duke Faculty

Katherine Brading
Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy of science, especially philosophy of physics 1600-present
De Brigard
Felipe De Brigard
Fuchsberg-Levine Family Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

Memory and imagination, cognitive neuroscience, psychology

Malachi Hacohen
Professor of History

Science and culture in Vienna, Karl Popper, 

Andrew Janiak
Professor in the Department of Philosophy

Issac Newton, Émillie Du Châtelet, early modern science

Alex Rosenberg
R. Taylor Cole Distinguished Professor of Philosophy 

Philosophy of social science especially economics, philosophy of biology, David Hume

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
Chauncey Stillman Distinguished Professor of Practical Ethics

Neuroethics, cognitive neuroscience, empirical moral psychology 

Jennifer Jhun
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

History and philosophy of economics

Evan Hepler-Smith
Assistant Professor of History

Chemical sciences and industries, environmental regulation, computing, data and information, scientific internationalism

Margaret Humphreys
Josiah Charles Trent Professor of the History of Medicine, in the School of Medicine

History of American medicine and public health, including American Civil War, racial disparities in health/health care; history of tropical medicine. 

Lillian Pierce
Nicolas J. and Theresa M. Leonardy Professor in Mathematics

History of mathematics, Fermat's little theorem

Catherine Reilly
Assistant Professor of Literature

History of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and medicine

If you are Duke faculty and would like to be added to our list, please contact Katherine Brading.


Duke HPS would not be here today without our supporters, researchers, and professors at Duke and beyond.

Left: Oct. 2, 1977, by Steve Hunt / Right: Feb. 6, 2018, by Bre Bradham

Seymour Mauskopf (pictured on right) is one such person. He was featured in the Duke Chronicle's "Dear Old Duke" series as "a professor emeritus of history whose research has been focused on the history of science. For a ten-year stint—including the time in which the original photo was taken—he studied the history of parapsychology. Now, he teaches part-time and is finishing up a book on Alfred Nobel and his rivals over the discovery of munitions."