Explore History of Science and Medicine at Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Ever wonder if information critical to your interest is lost in translation, reediting, and reprinting? Duke's Rubenstein Library provides you opportunities to study the history of science, technology, and medicine first-hand. Learn more about over 20,000 monographs and 4,000 manuscripts in the history of medicine and the manuscripts of economists including Kenneth Arrow, Carl Menger, and Paul Samuelson. The following image is from a recent article on a curious book in the history of medicine, The Minor Horrors of War talking about how different arthropods and annelids can cause and treat illnesses for soldiers in the field.

Two page spread of book showing title page and frontispiece. The frontispiece is an enlarged illustration showing a fly.


Elaine Landry on Plato's Philosophy of Mathematics and Mathematical Structuralism

On Friday, September 13, Professor Elaine Landry from UC Davis gave a talk on how we can rethink modern mathematical structuralism in light of Plato's philosophy of mathematics.

Dr. Elaine Laudry

Duke Welcomes New Faculty

May 6, 2019 — This fall, Duke welcomes new faculty with research interests in HPS — Evan Hepler-Smith (History) and Jennifer Jhun (Philosophy).

Ph.D. Candidate Gessell Publishes New Translation of Du Châtelet Essay

April 25, 2019 — Bryce Gessell, a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy, has published a new translation of Essai sur l’Optique (Essay on Optics) by 18th-century French philosopher Émilie Du Châtelet. Read More->

Call for Applications: Vienna Summer School 2019 Scientific World Conceptions

The Vienna Summer School will be holding a two-week session, July 1-July 12, 2019 on Philosophy and Psychiatry. Fellowships are available for Duke PhD students to attend this summer school, covering tuition, accommodation, and a significant airfare subsidy (minimally $1000). Students in all disciplines are welcome to apply. Apply directly to Vienna but send the Duke coordinator (Professor Malachi Hacohen) a brief note indicating that you have submitted your application (mhacohen@duke.edu). Vienna determines admission and will be contacting successful applicants.  

Deadline: February 15, 2019. Apply here. 

This is an outstanding opportunity not only to broaden one's understanding of the relationship between the culture of science, its philosophy and scientific practice, but also to establish connections with international colleagues.  Duke students who attended the program in previous years were enthusiastic and felt the program contributed significantly to their graduate career. For two examples of what they had to say, take a look at these brief videos: VISU 2016, Alexandra Oprea, now research assistant professor at UNC, watch here, and VISU 2011, Rebecca Evans, now assistant professor at Winston-Salem, watch here.