Karen Neander

Karen Neander

Professor of Philosophy

Contact Information
210 West Duke Building, Durham, NC 27708
Duke Box 90743, Durham, NC 27708-0743
(919) 660-3050


Neander is Professor of Philosophy and Linguistics and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Philosophy at Duke.  She joined the department in 2006, after holding positions in other philosophy departments in Australia and the US, including the University of Sydney, the University of Adelaide and the Australian National University, where she was a Post-Doctorial Fellow and then a Research Fellow in RSSS.  Her (1984) PhD from La Trobe University discussed the concept of mental illness and the application of biological concepts of function and malfunction to disorders of the mind.  Since then her work has primarily been in philosophy of mind, philosophy of biology and the conceptual foundations of cognitive science and neuroscience.  She has published numerous papers on the nature of functions and functional explanation, teleological and selectional explanation, mental representation and mental reference to content (especially teleosemantics), pictorial representation and consciousness.      


Education & Training

  • Ph.D., La Trobe University (Australia) 1984

  • B.A., La Trobe University (Australia) 1976

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