Gopal Sreenivasan

Gopal Sreenivasan

Crown University Distinguished Professor in Ethics

Contact Information
207 West Duke Building, Durham, NC 27708
Duke Box 90743, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-3069


Gopal Sreenivasan (Ph.D. 1993, UC Berkeley) joined the Duke faculty in 2008.  His primary research interests are in moral and political philosophy. 

Sreenivasan is the author of Emotion and virtue (2020), which is being published later this fall by Princeton University Press.  This book makes original contributions in both moral psychology and the theory of virtue.

In addition to these topics, he has worked extensively on rights and human rights, where his recent publications include:

He has also worked extensively in bioethics, where his recent publications include:


"What is courage?"  Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University. 2019.
"Should virtue be taught?"  Character Project Conference, Wake Forest University. 2015.

Paper links on this page connect to page proofs.  For published versions of articles, see my curriculum vitae, although those links may require a subscription.

Education & Training

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