Bryce Gessell



I work in philosophy of science, history of philosophy, and the mind-body problem. I am interested in how that problem manifests in contemporary philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. My advisers are Andrew Janiak and Felipe De Brigard.

Currently I'm also working on a critical edition and English translation of Émilie du Châtelet's recently-discovered Essai sur l'optique. 

I'm in charge of the Triangle-area philosophy of science reading group, which meets monthly at either Duke or UNC. We discuss recent articles in all areas of philosophy of science. In spring 2017 we are taking a break but will be meeting again in the fall.

I also run the Greek reading group. We meet every other week and are currently working our way through Plato's Phaedo.

All are welcome to these groups, so contact me if you want more information about them.

If you have questions about the philosophy PhD program at Duke, you're also welcome to write me.

Education & Training