Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong Participates in Intelligent Speculation's Critically Thinking Podcast

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong Critically Thinking Podcast

Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong joined Jonathan Maloney on Intelligent Speculation's 'Critically Thinking' podcast on July 31st to discuss 'Ethics, Argumentation, and Political Polarization.' The episode tackled a wide range of topics such as how science can't answer important questions on morality, values, etc., but it certainly can be used as an ancillary apparatus to help navigate these tough questions, how informal logic can help you to think better and help to identify fake news, conspiracy theories, that the goal of a discourse is not to win, but to get closer to truth, how the internet is a tool that can be used for good or bad and the history of political polarization in the U.S. and how it compares to what we're seeing today. The episode can be listened to here.