Philosophy Graduate WIP

Fall 2019 
Fridays, 3:30-4:30 p.m., West Duke 202

Sept. 20
Joe Nelson
Pleasure: Not More Than A Feeling

Sept. 27
Valerie Soon 

An Autonomy-Based Reason for Structural Intervention

Oct. 18
H Bondurant
Disformative Feedback: A Problem for Self-Knowledge

Nov. 1
Kobi Finestone
Situated Expertise and Democratic Governance

Nov. 8
Ben Sarbey
The Ethics of Suicide by Advance Directive in Cases of Dementia

Spring 2020
Thursdays, Noon-1 p.m., West Duke 204

Feb. 6
Joe Nelson
Could It Really Be This Easy to Refute Desire-Satisfaction Theories of Welfare? (Come Help Me Figure Out Why Not)

Feb. 13
Angela Bischof
Cleaner Fish are Moral Agents

Feb. 20
Hanqi Jiang & Qiu Lin
Shibo on Harmony (he), Sameness (tong), and He-tong

Feb. 27
Tim Burkhardt
B-B-B-Bad to be Born: Epicureanism and the Badness of Birth

March 19
Areins Pelayo

March 26
Valerie Soon

April 2
Songyao Ren