tgiFHI: Ásta, "Critical Social Metaphysics: Metaphysics for Liberation and Social Science"

October 27, -
Speaker(s): Ásta
tgiFHI is a weekly series that gives Duke faculty in the humanities, interpretive social sciences and arts the opportunity to present their current research to their departmental and interdepartmental colleagues, students, and other interlocutors in their fields.

tgiFHI events take place from 9:30-11:00 a.m. on Friday mornings in the Ahmadieh Family Lecture Hall (C105, Bay 4, Smith Warehouse) with breakfast served beforehand.

Abstract - There has been considerable new work on the metaphysics of sex and gender, race, sexuality, and disability. The methodology employed in this work varies considerably. In this essay I advocate for a certain conception of doing social metaphysics. This conception involves a descriptive task and a critical task; it requires that we always keep in mind what we want the theory for; and it involves meeting certain epistemic and ethical demands. I conclude by discussing some ways in which social metaphysics of this kind can support political activism and policy making, as well as research in the social sciences.

Ásta is Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Duke University.

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Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI)


Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies; Philosophy